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automotiveAutomotive _

when it comes to the optimisation of business processes as well as the standardisation of components and products the automotive industry is leading.

For decades the processes starting with innovation, via stable product launches, excellence in production, logistics and purchasing have been optimised.

Our consultants support companies like Valeo, faurecia, Bosch, Daimler, Keiper and Schuler in tasks like planning of plants, optimisation of production and logistics processes, and project management. This industry is rather specific. Nevertheless a lot of optimisation approaches can be transferred to other industries.

Currently the focus is on topics like efficiency in organisation and supply-chain as well as  "Internal Controls" at 1st tier suppliers.

aerospaceAerospace _

only few industries have similar requirements when it comes to quality and reliability of products. the life of a lot of people depends on it.

the characteristics of the industry is highly project driven. despite the fact that the products are repeating due to the airline characteristics the products have to be highly customised.

A lot of methods and know-how from the automotive industry can be transferred and applied. But adjustment is needed as series are smaller and customisation higher.

Our consultants have supported customers like Recaro AS, Sell and E.I.S. improving their production and logistics processes as well as with quality and purchasing topics.

For the few OEMs supplier management and supplier risk management is more and more important to secure launches and to stabilise.

machineryMechanical engineering

to succeed in a strong international competition this industry concentrates on innovation and customer specific design.

Delta4U supports with the specification of innovative products, modularisation of products and systems  as well as with the adaption of the organisation to support hte cultre of innovation needed.

Our consultants have supported companies like Schuler, Krauss Maffei, TKMS, Kaefer. Typical projects have been optimisation of production- and logistics processes, modularisation of products, restructuring, global manufacturing footprint and purchasing.

More and more topics like international sales organisation ans sales increase are in the focus.

intralogisticsIntralogistics _

the intralogistics industry is a tightly woven industry with only few globa players. This results in a high transparency of this industry.

Therefore speed is essentially important. Being faster and more consequent leads to success.

To be faster a well defined organisation with stable and efficient processes is needed. Standardised processes and products are the basis for speed and effectivity.

Our customers like Dematic and Swisslog are "global player" in this business. We are supporting with the design of modular product concepts, global production and logistics processes and adapted organisation. Purchasing and "Change Management" as well.

electronicsElectronics _

The companies in this industry are ranging from small to big series producers. Therefore the requirements especially when it comes to logistics are very different.

Additionally the production processes are very different. They are ranging from highly automated SMD line to highly manual THT and packaging work stations. Up-to-date Know-How about process optimisation is essential to increase the stability and effectiveness  of these different processes.

Our consultants support customers like Landis+Gyr, Pfisterer and Siemens. We have the experience to support the companies in this industry from definition of the business strategy, operations strategy to optimisation of value chain processes and organisation.

Global Footprint Optimisation, R+D Organisation, Production and Logistics Processoptimisation are typical topics.

energyEnergy Infrastructure _

this industry is in the middle of big changes. The challenge will be to jump on the trends at the right time. Too early is expensive, too late ... well.

To realise the development of regenerative energy production and distribution big investments are needed in each and every sector.

During the following years the conventional technologies are still essential and the basis for energy supply. therefore one has to follow both streams.

Our consultants are supporting companies like Pfisterer, Nordex, Landis+Gyr when it comes to topics like "global manufacturing footprint", planning of investment, R+D Organisation, Product-Launch-Management, Purchasing.

It will be very exciting to follow this industry during this time of changes and to contribute to the success.


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machinery, aerospace, electronics, automotive, white goods, home appliance







machinery, aerospace, electronics, automotive, white goods, home appliance